Getting started at the Boulder Valley Velodrome

Whether you are new to track cycling or our velodrome, we’ve got you covered

Track Intro Options

Track Taster Session

If you just want to know what it’s like to ride a fixed gear bike on the banking of a velodrome, then this is the experience for you. These sessions include a group introduction to track cycling and a chance to sample some laps at Boulder Valley Velodrome.

We’ll take you from the infield to the boards at the pace you set. Your experience is up to you—some prefer to stay low on the track, while others may want to take it all the way to the rail before the session ends.

Cost: $30, payable onsite with cash, check or card

Certification Classes

The two-class certification process provides in-depth instruction that helps build camaraderie and trust among our riders. Riders at BVV can be assured that others have received consistent instruction, and know how to communicate and safely share the track.

If you are just starting with the sport, certification provides you with a solid foundation. If you’ve ridden velodrome elsewhere, certification will be an enjoyable refresher; experienced riders constantly tell us they leave the class having learned something new.

Cost: $100 (Two classes), payable onsite – cash, check or card

Riding Passes

  • Day Pass
    $25 Day
    • Ride for a single day; you are welcome to leave and return
    • Additional costs may apply for races/special sessions
  • Punchcard Pass
    $100 5 visits
    • 5 visits spread out over the calendar year
    • Additional costs may apply for races/special sessions
  • Season Pass (Discount)
    $250 Season (Reg 400)
    • Ride 7 days a week
    • Additional costs may apply for races/special sessions
    • Good for the season
    • Includes Bike Rental

Riding Options

Benefits of a BVV Season Pass

After you have been certified There are plenty of programming and training times set aside for cyclists of all levels at the Boulder Valley Velodrome. Riders of all abilities have options to ride every day of the week – Check out the calendar for details.

Open riding

Open riding is exactly what it sounds like: You decide what to do with the time. Ride alone or with others. Spin laps, crank out intervals, follow your coach’s workout or your own. Not sure what to do? Ask others for ideas. Please communicate your workout with others to safely share the track.

Special training sessions

We host a range of special sessions that target the advancement of specific skills. They include advanced structured, Madison, aero bar and sprint training, high-level competition prep, motor pacing and more.

All-women training sessions

This session provides a comfortable, encouraging environment in which riders of all levels can get a great workout and improve their skills. USAC-licensed coaches and experienced track cyclists lead this session.


We want to provide ample opportunities to experience the track and start riding. Track taster sessions and certification classes occur on a near-weekly basis throughout the regular season.


Boulder Valley Velodrome hosts a variety of competitive events throughout the season—USAC/BRAC Thursday Night Racing, CO State Championships, Saturday Time Trials, Saturday Match Sprints and more.