One gear – No brakes. Pure exhilaration!

Tuesday Racing @ BVV

USAC Masters Men 40+ (A & B),  Women CAT 3-4 & Men CAT 4

Boulder Valley Velodrome’s Tuesday Racing @ BVV series features racing for our Masters (over 40) as well as racing for our newer riders – Category 4 Men and 3-4 Women.   On Tuesday nights the focus is fun and fast! We try to keep the program rolling, but also focus on the riders as they continue to develop skills. Families and friends are welcome as well!
For more information on the Tuesday Racing @ BVV – Click for Schedule and Info. Online Registration

Randy Liljenberg

Thursday Night Racing

Randy Liljenberg

USAC PRO, CAT 1-2 Men, PRO CAT 1-3 Women & CAT 3 Men

Boulder Valley Velodrome’s Thursday Night Racing series features racing with some of the fastest racers from around the country (and occasionally a few internationals as well).  On Thursday nights we encourage spectators to bring a picnic and make a night of it. The fast paced action with a variety of nail-biting events are enjoyed by racers and spectators alike.  Choose the correct winner of the night’s featured race(s) and put your name in the bucket to win a prize from one of our sponsors. It’s a thrilling way to spend a summer weeknight! Races run from late May to early September.

Saturday Sprints

Match sprint tournaments that showcase rider tactics, speed and power
What are the fastest races on the track? Sprints! Match sprint tournaments begin with a flying 200m time trial for each participant. Each racer is then seeded according to the selected format, and then the head-to-head competition begins. Match sprints last just three laps, often starting out slow and tactical with nail-biting finishes. These races are often likened to chess on wheels. Saturday Sprints are held on specific weeks throughout the season. As always, spectating is encouraged and free to all.
Randy Liljenberg

Saturday Time Trials

Randy Liljenberg

It’s a race against the clock, others and each rider’s personal best

Saturday Time Trials offer a glimpse into the vast athletic diversity of track cyclists. Events range from flying 200m time trials that display fast-twitch speed and power to 4km time trials that demonstrate unrelenting stamina and disciplined aerodynamics. Participants may also compete in team sprint and pursuit events. Saturday Time Trials are held on specific weeks throughout the season. As always, spectating is encouraged and free to all.

Colorado State Track Championships

Each summer, track cyclists from around Colorado meet at the Boulder Valley Velodrome to compete for the State Track Championship jerseys awarded by BRAC (Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado). On specific weekends throughout the season we host championship events for juniors, masters, time trialists and sprinters. As always, spectating is encouraged and free to all.

Randy Liljenberg