New Riders | June 24, 2019

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Message from Pat

Hey the weather looks like…. Can I say it?….SUMMER!!

So make plans to come out and ride this week. We have a great week planned. Lots of action, racing and more. We are starting Certification Class #6 this week and we have already certified more riders this year than we did all last season!!

There is a reason that we have so many new riders and that riding and training on the velodrome is a true challenge but it is also much safer than so many other options.

So summer is finally here – Let’s get going!

See you on the track!
~ Pat

Racing This Week

This Thursday Night Race
is brought to you courtesy of 
Specialized & Retul.

Training Specials & Events

Sprint Training

Junior Intro, Fitness Laps & Night Training 
Motor Pace Training – Advanced & Intro
USA Team training, Thursday Night Races
Beyond Certification, Women Training 
Team Sprint & Team Pursuit, Taster, Certification S6/C1
Junior race training, Certification S6/S2

Sponsors of the week

Volunteers Needed

We need Velodrome Ambassadors.
Ambassadors help check-in riders, answer questions and help make the BVV community an even better experience for everyone!  We need Ambassadors 4:30-7pm on weekdays and 2-5pm on the weekends. If you are interested in helping please send us an email at
Lookin’ for BVV track Ambassadors!
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