New Riders! New Races! | July 23, 2018

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Since we’ve added a second night of racing each week, we’re seeing some great rider benefits. Most obviously, we’re no longer racing until 11PM! But also, since we have fewer classes participating on each night, we are able to offer more races, and more diverse races, for each class.

As the Masters riders return from Nationals, we expect Tuesday nights to grow in participation, which means that both the Masters and Cat 4 riders will have the new opportunity to race some longer events.

In case you missed it this past Thursday night, our invitational Australian Pursuit pitted some of our very best against each other. (Congrats to Dan Holloway on his victory!)

These are examples of the sort of expansion in ridership experiences, technical skills and enjoyment that we aim to cultivate for every rider class. The best way to do that is offer each class its own full schedule!

See you at the track!

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Pat McDonough 

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