TT Championships | August 27, 2018

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As we send this newsletter out, I can’t help but notice that the weather has changed and it feels like fall. I’m sure we still have plenty of warm days ahead but it’s a reminder that we are in the final stretch of the season. Only two more Tuesday night races – including tonight! SO if you have been waiting to come out and give it a try OR if you need just a few points to upgrade don’t miss out!  Our Thursday Night Racing will continue to September 20. Also a few additions to the calendar…Monday evenings will now be Start Gate sessions! Thanks to Greg Wilson and friends for making this possible – $10 will be charged and go to the gate owners.  Also Tim will be adding Saturday afternoon sessions for motorpace to keep up with demand. There is still a good deal of riding left so come on out and enjoy.

See you at the track!

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Pat McDonough 

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