And the winner is… | August 13, 2018

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Once again saw big fields and some very fast times for the Saturday Time Trials. In fact, the Record’s page had been updated with the many track records set. For those of you looking to test yourselves, the next record setting opportunity it is just around the corner.  Sunday, August 26th – Senior State Championships – Time Trials. I was asked by a Junior Cyclist if he could compete and the answer is YES! If you have a USA Cycling license you are welcome to race – Junior, Senior or Masters. In fact, there is a separate class for Cat 4 new riders so come on out! the Masters State Championships info is now set and registration for both events is open online. (Information below) One more thing… When you sign in this week let us know how many laps you did….It’s the only way to be a contender for the weekly lap prize!

See you at the track!

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