Race Results

Race results for Boulder Valley Velodrome

2017 Race Results

Saturday Time Trials   Thursday Night Races
May 13, 2017
May 27, 2017 
 June 1, 2017 
June 8, 2017
July 6, 2017
July 13, 2017 
July 20, 2017


2016 Race Results

Sprint Days Saturday Time Trials
August 13 Results
July 30 Results

May 8 Results
September 24 Results
September 17 Results
September 10 Results
September 3 Results
July 16 Results
June 11 Results

May 28 Results
Thursday Night Races State Championships
September 1 Results
August 25 Results
August 11 Results
July 28 Results
July 21 Results
July 14 Results
July 7 Results
June 23 Results
June 16 Results
June 2 Results
2016 BRAC Endurance Track Championships:

2015 Race Results

Below are the official results of all of our races for the 2015 season.

Thursday Night Races Saturday Time Trials
September-10 Results
August-27 Results
August-20 Results

August-13 Results

August-6 Results

July-30 Results

July-23 Results

July-16 Results

July-9 Results
July-2 Results
June-25 Results
June-18 Results
June-4 Results
May-28 Results

September-12 Results
September-5 Results

August-15 Results

August-8 Results

August-1 Results

July-25 Results

July-18 Results

June-27 Results

June-20 Results
June-13 Results
June-6 Results
May-30 Results
May-16 Results
May-2 Results
April-25 Results
April-11 Results
April-4 Results

ProAm Series State Championships
July-29 Race Results
July-22 Race Results

July-15 Race Results

June-24 Race Results
Senior’s TT 8-29 Results
Senior’s Sprint 8-29 Results

Senior’s Pursuit 8-29 Results

Senior’s Sprint Team 8-29 Results

Senior’s Pursuit Team 8-29 Results
Junior States 8-22 Results
Master’s points Race 7-5 Results
Master’s Team Sprint 7-5 Results
Master’s Team Pursuit 7-5 Results
Master’s Sprint 7-5 Results
Master’s Time Trial 7-4 Results
Master’s Scratch 7-4 Results


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