Race Results

Race results for Boulder Valley Velodrome

2016 Race Results

Sprint Days Saturday Time Trials
August 13 Results
July 30 Results

May 8 Results
September 24 Results
September 17 Results
September 10 Results
September 3 Results
July 16 Results
June 11 Results

May 28 Results
Thursday Night Races State Championships
September 1 Results
August 25 Results
August 11 Results
July 28 Results
July 21 Results
July 14 Results
July 7 Results
June 23 Results
June 16 Results
June 2 Results
2016 BRAC Endurance Track Championships:

2015 Race Results

Below are the official results of all of our races for the 2015 season.

Thursday Night Races Saturday Time Trials
September-10 Results
August-27 Results
August-20 Results

August-13 Results

August-6 Results

July-30 Results

July-23 Results

July-16 Results

July-9 Results
July-2 Results
June-25 Results
June-18 Results
June-4 Results
May-28 Results

September-12 Results
September-5 Results

August-15 Results

August-8 Results

August-1 Results

July-25 Results

July-18 Results

June-27 Results

June-20 Results
June-13 Results
June-6 Results
May-30 Results
May-16 Results
May-2 Results
April-25 Results
April-11 Results
April-4 Results

ProAm Series State Championships
July-29 Race Results
July-22 Race Results

July-15 Race Results

June-24 Race Results
Senior’s TT 8-29 Results
Senior’s Sprint 8-29 Results

Senior’s Pursuit 8-29 Results

Senior’s Sprint Team 8-29 Results

Senior’s Pursuit Team 8-29 Results
Junior States 8-22 Results
Master’s points Race 7-5 Results
Master’s Team Sprint 7-5 Results
Master’s Team Pursuit 7-5 Results
Master’s Sprint 7-5 Results
Master’s Time Trial 7-4 Results
Master’s Scratch 7-4 Results


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