Welcome to the Boulder Valley Velodrome!

“The source of happiness isn’t material things, but good health and great experiences.”

What is it like to ride the high banks of a world-class velodrome, like those seen in the Olympics? Come find out for yourself at the newest, fastest track cycling facility in America—located in Boulder County, CO. If you can ride a bike—you can ride the velodrome! You don’t have to be a racer to experience the velodrome—just a desire to try something unique and thrilling.

Four ways to get on the track:

1. For a one-time unique experience riding the velodrome, take the Day at the Track introductory class ($100).

2. If the Day at the Track gets you hooked, you can become fully certified at BVV by signing up for the Certification Course ($100). Certification is a one time requirement, and you may repeat classes at no extra charge.

3. Once certified, you can become a member of BVV, or buy a punch card to join open track sessions. BVV membership for the remainder of 2015 is $100. BVV membership for 2016 is $400

4. You may participate in race events without being certified, as long as you hold a current track racing license of category 4 or above. To train at BVV, you must complete our certification process.

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